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Custom-branded system with integrated phone conferencing and mobile-optimized interface lets you easily present your content to any device, anywhere.

Nothing for participants to install. Only a computer, tablet, or smart phone is needed to attend.

Share specific applications with your audience or share your entire screen.

True HD color presentation broadcasts an exact screen replica to up to 100 remote participants.

Custom-branded meeting calendar and registration system lets you publish meetings, trainings and webinars; while pre-screening interested participants.

Recurring meetings - Automatically schedule daily, weekly, or monthly meetings.

Meeting Tools

Send invitations to participants to join your meetings in 1-click; or direct them to your 1-click meetings page.

Integrated teleconferencing bridges the meeting's audio portion via phone for free. Add our toll-free service to make it even easier.

Meeting Handouts such as presentations, data sheets and reference materials close the gap between in-person and online meetings.

Screen annotation highlights items on your screen.

Record your presentation for later review or to post on your website.

Survey participants for feedback after the meeting.

Automatic screen resizing so participants can see your full screen regardless of their display settings.

Multi-monitor support easily handles your complex presentations.

Ease of Use

Deliver exceptional, interactive presentations in less than 30 seconds with integrated pre-scheduled events; or from phone, email, web link, or live chat sessions.

Flat-rate pricing starting at a few dollars per month for unlimited use.

Firewall friendly, no configuration required.

Low bandwidth requirement. Connect from any device at any speed.

No software or servers to maintain. Everything is deployed from the web browser.

Privacy and Security

Complete SSL encryption as all session data is protected end-to-end with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

HIPAA and PCI DSS Compliant - we engage independent third-parties to conduct rigorous audits against internal policies, procedures and applications.

Your Privacy is Guaranteed as session content is never stored on our systems. Multi-level passwords, 2-factor authentication, and ongoing infrastructure security scans guarantee your privacy and security.

Product Support

Customer support representatives are available by phone or email every day, 24/7.

Unlimited free product training and setup assistance.

All software updates are always included free of charge.

Our self-service, full knowledge base and video training modules are available on-demand.

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