We create partnerships through two primary channels: web affiliates and co-branding partnerships.


Many customers come to us through our web affiliate program. This arrangement provides significant value to our partners and their end-users, while giving us the opportunity to demonstrate and offer our services as well.

Why become an affiliate?

We pay a 20-30% commission on recurring gross sales monthly or quarterly, depending on volume. Second tier affiliate commissions are calculated at 5% of your second-tier affiliate's gross sales.

We have a new 2-tier affiliate program. This program includes the following features:

  • 2nd tier affiliate setup and reporting (You get 5% of your affiliate's sales)
  • Full Transaction History reporting (for complete auditing of commissionable transactions and rewards)
  • Ability to track click-throughs, trials, and sign-ups real-time
  • Complete Daily & Date-Range Reporting
become an affiliate


eBLVD Co-branded partners integrate our services into their site or application.

If your company or organization has an established customer base, you can provide the our service seamlessly to your audience. eBLVD can customize and co-brand the online meeting or remote support experience for your customers and add functionality to your site or application.

You can request more information via email from .