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No setup feeNo contractUnlimited usage For Individuals, Small Group, and Corporate IT Teams

Individual Plan

Access your computers, files, and apps remotely from a web browser.

Stay productive while away from your desk with anytime, anywhere access to your computers.

Transfer files between devices without using email or thumb drives.

Copy and Paste text and files between computers.

Remote Login and Logoff keeps your system secure.

Remote audio and a true HD color display provide a complete interactive experience.

Optimal Performance - loads and connects in seconds, delivering industry leading performance.

Corporate Plan

Remotely Manage PCs, servers, and kiosks from your PC, laptop, tablet, or phone. View end-user desktops, troubleshoot problems, and maintain software.

Multiple connections allow remote sessions to different systems simultaneously.

Integrated instant messaging provides communication without the need for a telephone call.

Utilize VoIP via a microphone and speakers for audio communication during the session.

Record your sessions for later evaluation or review.

Auto-reconnect genie provides a seamless session during updates and reboots.

Multi-monitor support gives you full access to large remote systems.

Corporate Plans also provide custom site branding, remote deployment, user management, attended or un-attended access, 2-factor authentication, and bulk licensing.

Ease of Use

Access your PC from anywhere; or centrally manage computers and kiosks remotely in 30 seconds.

Flat-rate pricing starting at a few dollars per month for unlimited use.

Firewall friendly, no configuration required.

Low bandwidth requirement. Connect from any device at any speed.

No software or servers to maintain. Everything is deployed from the web browser.

Privacy and Security

Complete SSL encryption as all session data is protected end-to-end with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

Usage and Audit Reports keep track of all sessions, including origin, time, type and duration of connections.

HIPAA and PCI DSS Compliant - we engage independent third-parties to conduct rigorous audits against internal policies, procedures and applications.

Your Privacy is Guaranteed as session content is never stored on our systems. Multi-level passwords, 2-factor authentication, and ongoing infrastructure security scans guarantee your privacy and security.

Product Support

Customer support representatives are available by phone or email every day, 24/7.

Unlimited free product training and setup assistance.

All software updates are always included free of charge.

Our self-service, full knowledge base and video training modules are available on-demand.

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