Remote Screen Sharing Service

eBLVD Screen Sharing - show your computer screen to anyone

eBLVD "screen sharing", "desktop sharing", or "application sharing" allows you to display your computer screen to anyone on the Internet. eBLVD has one-click screen sharing with integrated voice conferencing that lets you share your computer desktop online, in real time, with just a click of a button.

You can even record and replay your online sessions and share with colleagues. No one has to miss a thing. Take a Virtual Tour.

Consider some of the ways eBLVD can benefit your business.

Increase Sales

• Turn sales calls into instant product demos in one click.

• Qualify prospects by conducting online PowerPoint presentations.

• Use annotation tools to highlight creative or design work.

Boost Productivity

• Share documents, spreadsheets, or project plans with remote team members.

• Integrate online meetings into your regular in-person meetings.

• Complete projects faster by holding online review sessions.

Train Customers

• Offer training sessions online instead of traveling.

• Reach customers around the globe.

• Train customers and employees – at their convenience.

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"Our experience has been great - a real time saver and our clients love it!" Rob Koeliner, Wireless Sales Management Systems

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